Capital Law & Advisory Partners is an experienced law and consulting firm serving lenders, investors, developers, landlords, tenants and entrepreneurs in a broad range of real estate and business transactions across the United States. The firm, designed around the principal that today's complex transactions require more than sound legal advice, combines proven legal skills with practical business experience to provide clients a comprehensive resource for real estate and business solutions.

Capital Law understands that the most basic function of a transaction attorney is the allocation of legal rights and obligations in a manner consistent with the client's financial goals and risk profile. For that function to be performed properly, the client and the advisor must share a common understanding of those goals and be able to communicate them effectively. Our lawyers and advisors have served in decision-making roles as CEO of a regional development company, general counsel for and a principal in national and regional development firms, and director of operations and legal affairs for a brand marketing company, and bring to each client and to each transaction the business experience and acumen necessary to consistently and efficiently accomplish their objectives. Our combined years of experience in a vast array of legal and business roles allows us to quickly understand all sides of the relevant issues, and to then confidently advise the client on the best possible solutions. As each of our lawyers spent significant time in their careers in the large law firm atmosphere, we bring the training and experience needed to bring the appropriate expertise to most any transaction, but at a reasonable cost for the client. Simply put, we bring excellent value, quality, responsiveness and timely legal and advisory services and experience to each transaction.


  • Representing a developer with respect to a long-term Ground Lease with McDonald's USA.
  • Counsel for Public REIT in the acquisition and financing of $5 billion of apartment, retail and office properties throughout the US.
  • Counsel for $300 million private equity fund in the acquisition, financing and disposition of apartment properties throughout the US.
  • Buyer’s counsel for a national roll-up of recreation parks.
  • Counsel for the sale of $478.7 million multi-state student housing portfolio.
  • Counsel for Fortune 500 company in leasing 180,942 square feet of office space in Atlanta, GA for corporate headquarters.
  • Special Counsel for $1 billion multi-state asset portfolio.
  • $65,000,000 Secured Debt Restructuring in Georgia and Florida.
  • Borrower's counsel for sale of $7,700,000 mixed-use development in Atlanta.